Recently, Angelina Jolie received favorite villain award, for her character in the movie Maleficent. The even more important thing was her speech! She said, that she was a different, when she was young. Jolie was full of ‘’fire’’ and she was never able to sit still, doing nothing. According to her, when someone tells you that you are different, it should be a good thing, and you should hold your head up and smile!

This famous actress and filmmaker, had an additional surgery that should prevent cancer! Her mother died from ovarian cancer, while Jolie’s grandmother also had the same issue! A two years ago, Jolie announced that she is carrying the gene that is responsible for breast and ovarian cancer development. In her last surgery, she removed her ovaries and fallopian tubes. This should eliminate the risk of cancer development! When her name was announced, she got excited hugs from her daughters, Zahara and Shiloh.

Besides Angelina Jolie, on the Nickelodeon channel's fan-voted awards, Emma Stone received the best actress award for her character in the movie The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The favorite action stars were Liam Hemsworth and Jennifer Lawrence from the movie The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. This ceremony also honored a Fifth Harmony group, as favorite new artist. The ceremony was hosted by Nick Jonas.

The ceremony was opened by One Direction which was without Zayn Malik. They didn’t appear to accept their award for favorite music group. Other performers like: 5 Seconds of Summer, Jennifer Hudson and Iggy Azalea ended up taking a goo hit. Jonas won as the favorite male singer.