Actor Harrison Ford hospitalized after a small plane he was flying crashed in a golf course in Venice, California on Thursday. The actors publicist, Ina Treciokas has confirmed that the actor’s injuries are not life threatening.

“Harrison was flying a WW2 vintage plane today which had engine trouble upon take off. He had no other choice but to make an emergency landing, which he did safely. He was banged up and is in the hospital receiving medical care. The injuries sustained are not life-threatening, and he is expected to make a full recovery,” his publicist said.

Los Angeles Police Department spokeswoman Officer Nuria Venegas said. "We can confirm that there was a plane crash and the male occupant was a 65-70 years old man. He was transported to a local hospital in stable condition…The incident was reported at 2.25pm, it was mechanical failure of plane, that's what caused the accident,”

Ford had a 5 to 6 inch gash in his scalp. "He had a pretty bad laceration. It went from the middle of his scalp down his forehead to the right," says the eyewitness, who was at the scene of the crash. "It was a clean cut and wasn't bleeding too much, considering," added the witness.

The 72 year old actor started flying when he was 54 and he now has a collection of a few planes. “I wasn’t sure if at the age of 54 that I still had the capacity to learn something that I saw as very complicated and difficult,” the actor said in an interview a few years ago.

The crash comes just a few months after breaking his leg on set.