One of the most beloved events of 2016 is soon to be here and the tickets are now up to be sold. All the fans out there have been able to purchase the tickets since Tuesday. They went on sale in Brazil, with some incredible prices, compared to the ones from the London edition.

The lowest cost is 40 Brazilian reais, which is $12.50. All the tickets are below 70 Brazilian reais ($22), bringing the opportunity to actually see the Olympics live to a much wider public. London’s cheapest tickets were around 40 pounds, about $32 at that moment. Moreover, the tickets can be funded in up to 5 payments.

As for the most expensive tickets in Rio, those would be around 1,200 reais. The price is kind of spicy, considering Brazil’s minimum wage per month, which is 788 reais. Anyhow, those would be the tickets that would get you to see the basketball, beach volleyball and volleyball finals. That being said, it’s for sure that the tickets will be shortly sold out. The see live the extraordinary show of the opening ceremony, you’d have to pay up to 4,600 reais – which is really a lot. Together with the tickets, the schedule was also made public on Tuesday. It announced eight finals on the last day, August 21st.