Schools and colleges are the bastions of education where one gets a high school graduation certificate and college degree .The fresh graduates then enter the real world and fight for survival in the competitive world.
Some survive and to go on to make successful careers and some wilt out due to personal choices, decisions or career moves. They lose direction and the motivation to help themselves. This is because the schools and colleges do not prepare the students for the lessons of life.

Two books that one must read are “Who moved my cheese?”by Spencer Johnson and “Fish” by Stephen C.Lundin. These books continue to help readers motivate and change themselves.
“Who moved my cheese?” a story about two mice and two men and how they react to change .Both the groups are in constant search for cheese and they discover the lessons of life in the process. The essence of the story is how change is the constant factor in life and one must adapt to change quickly and enjoy the new experience.

Fish is the story of the fish sellers in Pike Place Fish Market who constantly keep themselves motivated even though fish selling is a mundane activity. They approach fish selling with positive attitude everyday and provide attention to each and every customer. This in turn helps them to sell a lot of fish.

The fish market is akin to the business world where employees go through the daily grind with a mundane view .The attitude of the fish sellers should be applied for self motivation and make work interesting.
These two books never cease to be inspirational and can always be read when one is having self doubt, fear of change and lack of motivation.