The question that has been on many people’s mind, especially One Direction fans worldwide, has been whether or not Zayn Malik will be reuniting with his One Direction band mates. So the main question that needs to be addressed is will he actually come back?

If you are fan on One Direction, then chances are high that you know about the fight that 22-year old Zayn Malik had with Naughty Boy. The two, Naughty Boy and Zayn, were actually friends ever since Zayn opted to leave One Direction but all that change in the past few days as they were involved in a very nasty fight that ended up making a lot of One Direction fans very happy as they do believe this means that they lost son or star if you may like may soon be coming back home. 

That said, the possibility of Zayn reuniting with his band mates at One Direction is highly unlikely. The reason why he left One D still remains something that is in his mind and nothing has changed so there is now ay he will be coming back to One D. 

“Zayn Malik will not be re-uniting with One Direction band mates but he did actually reach out to them so as to tell them that he is still their brother,” a source revealed. “He has been in contact with the One Direction band mates the last few days after realizing the true intentions of Naught Boy.”