These days when it is so hot outside it is so easy to have ruined and messy hair, especially if it’s curly and dry already.
But don’t be discouraged because that hairstyle is completely trendy and you’ll be actually in great advantage.

According to some fashion houses big, Afro hair will be very popular in the next season which is amazing news for every woman who has similar problems with hair.
Most women who have naturally curly hair have a lot of problems with combing because their hair easily gets tangled.
And what is even worse is that those women have even bigger problems once the weather gets hot and humid.

If you don’t know why your hair becomes all curly and messy when it is exposed to the sun, well it is because your hair has hydrogen bonds.
Let’s face it, when you have curly and dry hair you cannot do many things to enhance or change anything.

Still you can always try to straighten your hair or if you don’t know how or simply don’t want to waste your time then you just got to accept it.
If you are planning to straight your hair after all then it is important for you to first use a shampoo and then conditioner just because in that case your hair will become all silky and glossy.
But there is one thing that you need to remember, no matter how much time you spend straightening your hair it will still become little bit messy once humidity gets into it.
But don’t worry, just show off your natural curls because like we said they are getting more and more popular.