Dian Sawyer is searching for an apology from Bruce Jenner. Bruce recently sent out a social media message saying that Diane should not have commented on the interview. This made a lot of people consider Diane’s character. This also made a lot of people think Diane was attacking Jenner. However, ABC announced that they wanted Diane’s input regarding the interview. 

Diane is happy that ABC backed her up. However, she is still upset at Jenner. Since Jenner could send a social media hate message, she believes Jenner can send a social media apology. She does not want a call on the phone or anything like that. She wants Jenner to publicly recognize her as the right one in the situation. 

There has been no comment yet from Bruce Jenner. Sources say Bruce is discussing the situation with people around him. The media hopes to have some kind of response from Bruce in the next couple of days. There is no telling what the response will be or if Bruce will even apologize to Diane. 

The entire world believes Bruce should apologize to Diane. Moreover, the entire world has their eyes on this situation. Sources say this is going to turn into the latest gossip.