If you happen to be a fan of Justin Bieber, then chances are high that you do follow him on Instagram. And if you are a fan and you follow him on Intagram then chances are high that you recently stumbled on a very interesting picture that the singer recently posted. Just in case you are in the dark, here is a small brief. A few days ago, Justin Bieber, 21, thought it would be a great idea to showcase his butt and thus he went to Intagram where he posted a picture of his bare but. 

This move by Justin might actually have been highly welcomed by many but some people were also not impressed with the move the Biebs pulled and as a result they went on and voiced their concerns and most of them actually took their queries with the social media site where Justin Bieber posted the picture and that is Instagram. 

Having taken note of the queries raised, Justin Bieber took it upon himself and he ended up issuing an apology for his actions. In addition to the complains, there is another reason why the Biebs opted to delete his very steamy picture and he actually made that particular reason public on July 11th. Here is what the Biebs said. 

“I ended up deleting the picture of my butt that I recently posted on Instagram because someone who is very close to me has a daughter who follows me and she was embarrassed and not because I believe that I did something bad. I felt awful that she was able to see my butt and I really felt bad.”