They really need to come clean with the pubic! Wiz Khalifa and Rita Ora were once again spotted out in public together after the 2015 Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles. The sighting has further ignited rumors that the two have been dating in secret and that there is a rather intimate relationship fueling between the two.

The duo was spotted on a dinner date at West Beverly Hills’ STK LA following a photo-op at the event. Prior to that, they were at The Nice Guy in West Hollywood, where onlookers described them as ‘flirty’.

With camera lights and reporters eager to get details from the two about their relationship, they played it well by ignoring comments and the nosey paparazzi. It is possible that Wiz and Rita are in a relationship, but they are declining to comment on speculations.

It is kind of hard to clearly state whether the two are in a relationship as they are both known to date high profile celebrities in on-and-off relationships. Wiz was reportedly dating Anabelle Acosta after his break-up from wife Amber Rose. Acosta who was previously dating Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, called it quits in early July. Rita herself was also in a relationship before spending time with Wiz.

But so it is in Hollywood, celebrities who date each other do not often declare their relationship status to the world right off the bat because of all of the attention they receive at the slightest itch. However, with details circulating across social media (a hit buzz on Twitter and Facebook) and other ports of the internet world, they seem to be in a relationship, whether they openly declare it or not.